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4 min readMar 23, 2022


We had a great time discussing with the MobiPad community. We are grateful for the community and we will continue to implement our Roadmap and push ahead to greater heights.

If for some reason you missed the AMA, this Recap is aimed at helping you read and understand what was said.

The AMA was held on MobiPad group and it happened in 2 stages: Twitter Questions was answered First and Then Telegram Questions

STAGE 1: Twitter Questions

Question: My question . Project names always attract attention and one wonders why they were chosen. How did you decide your project name? what is the meaning and importance of this name that defines your project in one word?

From @chimponzi_jam on Twitter.

Answer: Yes, our Launchpad name is unique. MobiPad connotes the idea that we are a Blockchain Launchpad on a Mobile App.

This name is important because we’ll be the first Blockchain launchpad to have a Mobile App which allows our investors to partake in project offerings from anywhere at any time, Get updated on project developments, Project Vestings etc.

What defines our project in one word?

MobiPad, the Mobile Launchpad.

Question: A launch platform announces partnership with a gaming token. What benefit can the token and platform have from it? How will they benefit each other?

From @TRW78579614 on Twitter

Answer: MobiPad is developed by same team behind DarkShield Games Studio.

How do they Benefit Each Other?

MobiPad allows DarkShield Games Studio to Fundraise for innovative projects Incubated by the Studio.

This means that DarkShield Games as an incubator for projects especially Gaming projects will help these projects from the Development and Technical aspect/support needed. After that, these projects are launched on MobiPad.

Both operate independent of each of other but are connected and leverage each other’s Tech and support at needed time.

In due time, you’ll get to understand better how this will work.

But here’s a quick example,

DarkShield Games Studio partners with a gaming project or 2 gaming projects known as ABC Project.

After helping them develop the game and utilizing DKS within it’s ecosystem.

It brings it onboard to MobiPad for fundraise where MobiPad Tokens are utilized. Funds are Raised, Project Launches.

Question: When was mobipad planned to be released? Do you have any plan to release ?

From @receperhanuz on Twitter

Answer: MobiPad is still in its early Stages and have had great amount of success, we just onboarded a couple of good Advisors and will be making announcements around that alongside a few other Announcements for partnership etc.

Tentative date for launch is between the last week’s of April and Early May!

Well ofcourse, we can always launch sooner or later and we’ll let you know if any changes are made to these.

STAGE 2: Telegram Questions

Question: Every Day We see 5–10 new projects popping up. How does #MobiPad compete with them? Especially in terms of features, incentives, passive income, security and trust for the community are the most important things. How do you provide these as options to support the success of your project?

From @Peteersoon on Telegram

Answer: Yep, new projects pop up here and there.

What makes us Stand out?

✅ First Blockchain Mobile Launchpad

✅ SAFU — Investors are insured against Rug Pulls and possible Scams

✅ One-View Dashboard- A dashboard that allows you to see your vital informations all in one view eg Projects invested in, Vesting arrangements, pricing, Token balance etc.

✅ Multi-Chain- We’ll be leading in Polygon, Efinity, BSC, KCC, Solana etc.

✅ Auto-Invest/Auto Vesting Portal- the ability to automate your Investments and also get tokens without delay.

✅Structured Tiered System- A Tiered System that allows investors from all walks life to gain investment powers for even as low as $50.

✅ Gaming Studio- where projects would be Incubated before launch.


All of These set us apart and we’re confident we’ll not only be able to compete in the market but lead the market in this sector.

Question: Do you allow suggestions and feedback from the community Are we allowed in decision making, do you put community into consideration. ? @MobiPad

From @noel_hawkins on Telegram

Answer: Community is the second backbone to a project after the Team.

We recognise the power of a community. All of our features are set out to help gain the community/investors confidence.

So Yes, the community is important to us.

Question: Token Burn or BuyBack program play an important role in increasing Token value Do you have a token burn or buyback program plan to attract investors?

From @laciwebb on Telegram

Answer: Buy Back and Burns are Essential.

We plan to both have these for Darkshield and MobiPad.

We’ll have a healthy periodic buy back of tokens from the market and burning them to ensure a deflationary mechanism thereby creating a stable and positive price for our project tokens.

Question: What is your strategy to attract new users and investors to your project and keep them long term because Marketing is a central element for every project, so that everyone know the potential that a project can bring is vital to achieve the goals set? @MobiPad

From @loycepotter on Telegram

Answer: Our first Go to Market Strategy is our upcoming Invite and Earn for the Launchpad.

We won’t announce in details how these will go but it’ll be fun and a first time expirience for this industry.

This feature we’ll launch alongside our Mobile App.

That is it for the AMA Recap! Thank you for your continued support.

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