Introducing MobiPad FairLaunch

  • Creates an opportunity for developers to raise funds across different blockchain networks for their projects.
  • Blockchain launchpad with a mobile app (the first of its kind), to bring investment closer to its users.
  • One-view dashboard that keeps investors abreast with information on projects they are interested in or investments. And also, an all-in-one dashboard that helps investors with complex calculations of products.
  • With the Anti-Rug, investors are protected from potential scams and rugs, and SAFU Fund is used for ensuring reimbursements when investors are unable to get their capital back.
  • Deal with worries of delayed vesting release through Auto-claim Portal, to enable claim vested tokens after fundraising as a matter of course; independent of project owners and the MobiPad team.
  • Mobipad presents a tiered system so that users can own/hold tokens to gain investment power into projects launched on the platform.
  • The Fairlaunch presale will last for 15 days allowing investors time to make research and invest accordingly.
  • All Investments are made in BNB and will be counted in BNB, so you dont have to worry about the price of BNB when you invest.
  • Listing on Pancakeswap will commence 24hr after the sales ended.
  • Our referral system allows you earn 5% of total capital invested by the person referred.
  • To generate your referral link, go to the presale page and invest then navigate to the referral section of the page for your link. Share and earn for every investment made.
  • The final price of the token will be determined by its market value after the launch.



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