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MobiPad Fair Launch

What is a fair launch?🤔

Fair Launch is a decentralized crypto network that is owned and controlled by the community from the start. In this network, everyone participates on equal ground and there is no early access, pre-mine, or price determination by the team.

In other words, there is no unannounced early sale of tokens to investors, no venture capitalists (VC), no wager to get an initial DEX offering coupon and everyone buys at a convenient price regardless.

A simpler way to put this is: it is a launch that is fair to both Investors and communities interested in the project.

About MobiPad:

MobiPad is a platform that specializes in breathing life into innovative ideas for its actualization through an advisory board, Financial Support, and leveraging connections.

What Is Exciting About MobiPad?🤓

  • Creates an opportunity for developers to raise funds across different blockchain networks for their projects.
  • Blockchain launchpad with a mobile app (the first of its kind), to bring investment closer to its users.
  • One-view dashboard that keeps investors abreast with information on projects they are interested in or investments. And also, an all-in-one dashboard that helps investors with complex calculations of products.
  • With the Anti-Rug, investors are protected from potential scams and rugs, and SAFU Fund is used for ensuring reimbursements when investors are unable to get their capital back.
  • Deal with worries of delayed vesting release through Auto-claim Portal, to enable claim vested tokens after fundraising as a matter of course; independent of project owners and the MobiPad team.
  • Mobipad presents a tiered system so that users can own/hold tokens to gain investment power into projects launched on the platform.

All You Need To Know About The MobiPad Fair Launch 😎

MobiPad is stepping up its game, skipping traditional fundraising and improving token distribution using the outperforming fair launch model of Presale.

Unlike the traditional presale wherein the developers have greater autonomy in the community with little or no transparency in the promotion of tokens and coins, this is a decentralized crypto network that is owned and governed by the community from the beginning.

By launching its token ($MBP) to the people using the protocol, MobiPad is creating a stronger community that will benefit the project and will help build a strong ecosystem around this project and opportunities for potential investors.

Needless to say, how transparent it will be because in this network, everyone participates on the same ground and there is no token allocation or distribution before the release time. Everybody will have the same opportunity of purchasing MBP on MobiPad at the designated time.

In the Fair Launch presale structure, the price of $MBP can only be known at the end of the Presale.

In this structure, there is a minimum amount that an initial coin offering needs to raise (soft cap), and there is no upper limit on the number of tokens that can be sold (hard cap).

In the end, the investors who deposited funds to the pool will get tokens shared according to the percentage of funds raised in the course of the presale.

Important Notes For The Sale:

  • The Fairlaunch presale will last for 15 days allowing investors time to make research and invest accordingly.
  • All Investments are made in BNB and will be counted in BNB, so you dont have to worry about the price of BNB when you invest.
  • Listing on Pancakeswap will commence 24hr after the sales ended.
  • Our referral system allows you earn 5% of total capital invested by the person referred.
  • To generate your referral link, go to the presale page and invest then navigate to the referral section of the page for your link. Share and earn for every investment made.
  • The final price of the token will be determined by its market value after the launch.

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