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4 min readOct 10, 2022

DKS Ecosystem Update!

Hello Community,

We are happy to update the community on what has been happening behind closed doors these past few weeks.

The team has been building 👷‍♂️ leading up to when the market sentiment becomes better.

We hope your doing better and holding up in this market!

What have we been building?


In August, we announced that we’ll be taking a turn from gamefi to M2E, our M2E would allow our investors to earn DKS tokens at the same will enable new investors to buy DKS tokens from the market before joining the platform.

We’re setting it up so that it also aids our token burns, this time from circulating supplies, not just total supply.

Here are a few snapshots of what we’ve done so far.

While we haven’t completed all functions fully, our first version will come with basic functionality and from there on, the team will improve.

DKS Token Burn 🔥

Our Monthly Token Burn Schedule hasn’t been going well for a couple of months now, we really apologize for this.

We do want to let the community know that we’re still dedicated to this movement and will commence token burn this October itself. As always, we plan to bring DKS to a total supply of 1b at the right time.

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MobiPad Update

MobiPad is growing since Launch, we’ve been able to list on good exchanges and also will be able to fully release our DApp after fully testing and correcting bugs. Even right now, on the MobiPAd website, you can see the changes happening each day and what we are testing.

We are updating and correcting errors on the platform as well.

We will also push subtle marketing as best as we can with some marketing managers.

The team have been presented with a lot of marketing list and strategies, we have looked at some and will push as best we as we can in the coming days. We hope the community can support us.

Project Launches

While we would love to launch and announce new projects on our Launchpad, we need to understand that even new projects are scared of the market and sometimes do extend their launch date as best as they see fit.

Also do note that after the launch of Arcade Kingdoms, the team have become more careful launching projects. We want our community to win as well. While we may do our own Research on a project, all Investors are asked to Do Your Own Research (DYOR) as there are no guarantees in this market.

Nonetheless, once we get a new project that is good and ready, we will definitely announce and launch them, we are very hopeful that soon when the market recovers, we will have a lot of project launches for our community.

Circulating Supply

We see that this is constantly one of the topics/questions that our investors are interested in understanding. We see that over 50% (50m+) of the Total Supply of MBP is already in circulation. This information is being updated to Coin Market cap (cmc) as we speak ahead of our marketing push.

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Any Updates missing here will be provided via tweets or in times to come, thank you for your support!



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