Darkshield Games Completes Second $DKS token burn: Over $4m worth of $DKS Burnt!

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3 min readMay 2, 2022


Hello #DKSArmy

In our quest to reduce total supply from 5 billion to 1Billion, we are thrilled to announce that the second $DKS Token Burn has completed. The team has just completed the token burn amounting to over 79 million $DKS tokens (amounting to $4,471,383.54). Over 8x from last token burn price!

Darkshield team is committed to building a strong project, one that resonates with the community and is also focused on completing our roadmaps in the best possible way.

Proof of Burn🔥

Here are the unlocked tokens from our partner’s Unvest.io protocol to the deployer wallet.


Token Burn Transaction


We are happy to announce that the total supply for $DKS is currently
4,840,915,659 With our monthly Burn mechanism, we are set up for a healthy token.

Benefits of $DKS Token Burn

Here are a number of benefits of burning or reducing the total supply of $DKS tokens.

  • Increase in Scarcity: Burning $DKS Total Supply from 5 billion to 1 billion would create scarcity for our tokens, with the right kind of exposure.
  • Demand Increase: DKS tokens are the fuel to the Darkshield Ecosystem and it powers the Studio of games we’ll both be making and partnering up with.
  • Sustainable Tokenomics: Our Tokenomics becomes better shaped and attractive to investors with the planned reduction of the total amount of tokens to ever be created.
  • Ensuring Healthy Price for Investors: Our token burn mechanism helps in ensuring a healthy price for our digital asset. This means that over time, our token continues to reward our holders.

What to Expect Next

The team behind DarkShield is constantly building and developing within the space. We also have a strong community of investors who have been with us from day 1.

We hope to release an Updated RoadMap and Tokenomics that shows the teams focus in the next few months. We plan to host the launch of MobiPad, our fundraiser arm for DarkShield Ecosystem. Game whitelist for Arcade Kingdoms and potential partnership and Listing announcements.

Stay tuned for more updates!



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