DarkShield Game Studio Announces MobiPad: First blockchain Launchpad with a Mobile App!

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4 min readMar 7, 2022


Blockchain gaming AKA GameFi has gained tremendous traction within the ecosystem. Terms such as P2E, Virtual Reality known as Metaverse, NFTs, and Web3 are quickly becoming the order of the day. GameFi combines all features to create a flawless gaming mechanism that enables individuals to earn for engaging with it.

DarkShield Games Studio is a blockchain gaming studio with hopes to both create and incubate blockchain gaming projects, Metaverse, NFTs projects. We are looking forward at working with early-stage startups and creators from the idea stage to funding and launch. This is where Mobipad plays a role:

MOBIPAD Partners Enjin

MobiPad is a multi-chain blockchain launchpad with its primary focus on Efinity Chain, a blockchain network developed by Enjin. We will help innovative project creators raise needed capital from the community. We fill the gap between your ideas and funding.

MobiPad offers investors a refreshing new model to IDO, a new way to access early-stage startups via Initial Dex Offering (IDO), Initial NFT Offering (INO), Initial Game Offering (IGO). We will launch all projects incubated by DarkShield Game Studios.

Why Efinity?

As a platform interested in working with industry experts and launching projects successfully, we have chosen Enjin’s Efinity network for variety of reasons:

  • Frist mover advantage
  • Efinity is a Polkadot parachain dedicated to NFTs and blockchain games. Each parachain benefits from the security of the Polkadot network
  • Enjin is an OG who helped pioneer NFTs and blockchain gaming in 2017
  • Efinity has the ability to mint and process thousands of NFTs per transaction, for fractions of a cent.
  • A collaborative, welcoming community in the Enjin Ecosystem.

How MobiPad is Different

MobiPad combines a lot of features and makes it possible to navigate through our ecosystem seamlessly.

  • Mobile App: MobiPad will function both on Web and Mobile Application, this is a significant advantage for a number of reasons. With our launchpad application, no investor needs to worry about staying close to their laptops. Our mobile application provides a platform for easy access and investments, it comes with a dashboard that shows investors statistics such as ROI, tokens invested in, Vesting arrangements etc.

Investors using different IDO platforms face the challenge of keeping up-to-date with project happenings. Dealing with a lot of platforms and telegram groups can be tiring, MobiPad provides investors with individual project updates such as Vesting timing, exchange listing, IDO Listings etc.

  • ONE-View Dashboard: A Dashboard containing all the vital investment information such as Total Invested projects, ROI, Investment prices and Current trading prices, etc. MobiPad offers you a simple solution for your tough computations in an All-One-View!
  • Anti-Rug(SAFU POOL): We are fully aware of the challenges with project launches, not all IDO perform well when they hit the market. Every investor has the sole responsibility to Do Their Own Research(DYOR) and invest accordingly. While we are not offering investors Financial Advices or promising huge returns from project investments, we do however ensure that our investors do not lose any capital while utilizing our platform. The Team has set up an Allocation termed as SAFU POOL for the purpose of incentivizing our community of investors in rare cases of Rug-Pools, Underperforming IDO, etc. With MobiPad, every investor’s penny counts.
  • Auto-Invest and Auto-Claim: With MobiPad, investors do not have to worry about vesting delays. Our auto-claim portal distributes vested tokens automatically without third party, experience zero delays on token distribution from us. We provide investors with an Auto-invest option, where investors can choose to lock funds which are then used to invest automatically across different IDOs without investors having to go over the registration process over again. More info will be released via our Whitepaper.

Tokenomics And RoadMap

$MBP Tokens will fully power the Launchpad as both a Governance and Utility token. Investors will need to have a portion of the $MBP Tokens to gain investment power across different startups.


Total Supply: 100,000,000

Network Chain: BSC, Efinity


The ecosystem is growing rapidly and competitions are abound, Darkshield Games Studio is aligning itself to become part of the competition. We are positioning for the future of DeFi and Web3. The team at DarkShield Game Studio’s can’t wait to unveil the projects we’ve been working with for possible incubation.

Thank you all for the support, Let’s build a strong ecosystem and product together. More Updates coming within the Week!

For More Information.

Website: https://mobipad.io/

Telegram: https://t.me/MobiPad

Telegram Announcement: https://t.me/mobipadANN

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PadMobi

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/mobipad

About Enjin

Enjin is the leading ecosystem for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), offering a comprehensive suite of products for creating, trading, distributing, and integrating NFTs into virtual worlds. As a scalable, affordable platform, Enjin’s technology has seen wide application in blockchain games, apps, enterprise programs, and innovative marketing campaigns. The Enjin ecosystem is fueled by Enjin Coin (ENJ), a utility token used to back the value of blockchain assets, and the native ERC-1155 token standard created by Enjin CTO Witek Radomski. Enjin is building the infrastructure for the decentralized Metaverse on Efinity, a Polkadot parachain purpose-built for NFTs.

Enjin: https://enjin.io/
Efinity: https://enjin.io/efinity
Enjin Ecosystem: https://enjin.io/ecosystem



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DarkShield is the first multi-chain gaming system that provides an environment for both investors, traders and gamers.